Privacy Concerns with increased use of drones

There are many who are concerned with the increasing use of remote control drones as the sale of them have sky rocketed in recent years. Regulations in how and where they can be used is still unclear to many and there have been incidents where they have been flown that high that they have caused concerns for aircraft flying in the area. The main issue however is that many people believe they are invading the provacy of provate citizens as many of the devices are set to record video footage and take photos as they fly.

There are of course legitimate reasons for their use with more farmers using them to monitor their crops from above and photographers using them to take aerial footage and gain access to otherwise inaccessible areas for their shots. Film making makers have also embraced their use to record shots that would usually require other flying vehicles like helicopters. The use and sale of drones is expected to increase in the coming years as they become cheaper and the technology becomes more advanced.


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